How are small tourism businesses adapting to the New Normal in Phuket?

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A research project led by our lecturer Kevin Fuchs aimed to answer that particular question and sought to examine the latest tourism development in Phuket. You can find his publication in the latest issue of the prestigious SSCI-indexed journal "Current Issues in Tourism".

Aj. Kevin comments that "it is important to investigate how local entrepreneurs manage the obstacles and hardship due to COVID-19. As a community, we need to develop a better understanding of how we can support each other." Furthermore, he notes that he is grateful to the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism for financially supporting his research project.

If you are interested to read more about his research, you can find more information enclosed: • Fuchs, K. (2021). How Are Small Businesses Adapting To The New Normal? Examining Tourism Development Amid COVID-19 In Phuket. Current Issues in Tourism, 24(24), 3420-3424.
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