The experiences that our students have gotten from FHT.


Jonas from Germany

“It definitely exceeded my expectations. Air cons everywhere, good lecturers, great food and awesome activities. Together with all the other things the island offers it was a life-changing experience and I feel like being given more than I could ever have asked for. ”

Elli from Finland

“Homestay and Thai cooking class, which both were really nice experiences and well organized. Also, we have travelled a lot inside Phuket island as a family and I think there are plenty of different things which you can do in Phuket at your free time. The island offers much more than the beaches and parties; beautiful nature, amazing viewpoints and cheap, tasty food. It’s very easy to go around with motorbike and explore the island. ”


“Studying in Thailand was an amazing experience for me. I loved the green PSU campus with its tropical vibe, plumeria trees, orchids and beautiful butterflies flying around. The way to study with quizzes, assignments, projects, midterm and final exams was very different to my German university. Although I had to study and prepare more within the semester, I enjoyed it much more than just having one final exam in the end with more pressure attached to it. The PSU offered many activities to get to know the Thai culture, like cooking classes, the home-stay or the Loy Krathong festival participation”

Felix from Germany

“Studying at the PSU is one of the best experiences you can have. The semester abroad in Thailand the Land of Smiles with friendly people and the great scenery on the island of Phuket is unique. The best semester abroad you can imagine. I can only recommend it to everyone to come here.”

Viktoria from Germany

“My time at PSU was incredible. It was such a nice experience to get to know the Thai culture and to meet so many people from different countries. Sitting together in class with so many open minded and friendly students was such a good experience. I will never forget the Orientation Days on Phi Phi or the well-organized Home-stay. I will leave this beautiful country with many memories and new international friendships”

John from Vietnam

“I was impressed by the accommodating and friendly people the first time I went to Thailand. I had so much love for the country, I decided to come again only this time on an exchange program as a student. I chose PSU because the school has a very good program in Hospitality and Tourism, which is also located in beautiful Phuket, a very popular tourist destination in Thailand. More diversity, in cultures and off-class activities. I had the chance to study in the same class with people from various places and I found intercultural communication class the most interesting part during my stay here. There are many activities like the home-stay program, buddy program, field trips and lots, lots more. ”