An Exploratory Interview Study on Travel Risk Perception: The Case of Phuket Sandbox

fhtadminCurrent Issue, Research

Travel risk perception is a factor with emerging importance in the tourism industry due to its intangible nature, but a large impact on travelers’ decision-making. This exploratory study examines the perception of travel risk amid COVID-19 in the New Normal.

The empirical data was gathered through a series of thirty-eight (38) semi-structured interviews with European visitors vacationing in the Phuket Sandbox travel bubble.

The thematic analysis based on the empirical data revealed four themes. Namely, these themes are
(1) the status of COVID-19 in the destination country,
(2) visibility and trustworthiness of information,
(3) healthcare facilities, and
(4) responsible tourism development.

For more information about the study, please refer to the full article which presents conclusions and implications for the industry, policymakers, and researchers derived from the academic and practical discussions based on the findings.