Examining the Influence of Digital Information Quality on Tourists’ Experience


Author:Kullada Phetvaroon and Crysantina R. Michelle Kurniadjie Learn MoreABSTRACTThis study investigates the influence of digital information quality in tourist experience which divided into three parts: pre-trip experience (before trip), on-site experience (during trip), and post-trip … Read More

Effectiveness of Disease Control Measures on the Transmission Risk of SAR-Cov-2 among High-Risk Contacts: a Case Study in Phuket, Thailand


Author:Thanit Semkaew, Nichapat Sangkaew, and Chayanon Phucharoen Learn MoreABSTRACTDuring the first wave of COVID-19 (April- May 2020), Phuket had the second-largest accumulated number of COVID-19 confirmed cases nationwide. Two major stringent disease control measures, including … Read More

Construct validation of leaders’ motivating language in the context of the hotel industries of Bangladesh and Malaysia


Author:Md Karim Rabiul, Tan Fee Yean, Ataul Karim Patwary, Ahmad Edwin Mohamed and Haim HilmanLearn MoreABSTRACTPurpose This study aims to validate the motivating language scale developed by Mayfield et al. (1995) in the context of … Read More

How are small businesses adapting to the new normal? Examining tourism development amid COVID-19 in Phuket


Author:Kevin FuchsLearn MoreABSTRACTIt is reasonable to state that Thailand’s economic impact had been severe due to the lack of international tourists. In particular, the mass-tourist destination Phuket has suffered economic consequences as the result of … Read More

Comparing shopping experiences in department stores and street markets: A big data analysis of TripAdvisor reviews


Author:Chayanon Phucharoen, Tatiyaporn Jarumaneerat and Nichapat SangkaewLearn MoreABSTRACTPurposeBased on big data analytical and statistical techniques, this study aims to examine tourists’ shopping experiences at department stores and street markets in Phuket. Design/methodology/approach A Naïve Bayes … Read More

Linking Leadership Styles and Two-way Communication to Engagement: A Study Among the Hospitality Employees in Bangladesh


Author:Md Karim Rabiul, Tan Fee Yean, Ataul Karim Patwary and Haim HilmanLearn MoreABSTRACTThis study seeks to understand the mediation effects of two-way communication between the relationship of leadership styles (servant and transformational) and subordinate-level work … Read More

Segmenting International Tourists Based on the Integration of Travel Risk Perceptions and Past Travel Experience

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Author:Tatiyaporn JarumaneeratLearn MoreABSTRACTPerceived travel risks arise from the uncertain and undesirable consequences associated with traveling to a destination. These perceived risks could make tourists feel reluctant to travel to a particular destination, or conversely may … Read More

The influence of social media on tourist’ decisions to purchase sightseeing and tour: the Heckman sample selection approach


BY   Surarak Wichupankul, Chayanon Phucharoen and Nichapat SangkaewAbstractThis paper aimed to investigate whether the usage of social media by tourists could statistically influence their decision to purchase sightseeing and tour in Thailand’s major coastal tourist … Read More

Social media sites and nightlife tourism: an empirical study of tourist decision making on nightlife entertainment consumption

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BY  Chayanon Phucharoen, Surarak Wichupankul and Nichapat SangkaewAbstractThis paper examines the effect of social media usage on tourist decision to consume and their spending amount on nightlife entertainment. Through the application of Heckman correction model … Read More

Tourists’ Influential factors on temple visits in Phuket: An Analysing of TripAdvisor


BY  Kris Sincharoenkul and Nichapat SangkaewAbstractSince Phuket has many types of tourist destinations and the inclining of cultural tourism trend, temples are also considered to be renowned tourist attractions. There are a number of researches … Read More