Sirapassorn Tantibukul Winning Creative Challenge at IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum

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Congratulations to Ms. Sirapassorn Tantibukul for winning Creative Challenge at IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum 2019 and receiving the great opportunity to attend IMEX Frankfurt in May 2020. On September 25th 2019, Ms. Sirapassorn Tantibukul, a … Read More

COVID-19 Phuket Economic Impact

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The fallout from the spread of the COVID-19 , the lack of Chinese tourist arrivals may cost Phuket’s tourism industry up to B32 billion by the time the industry starts to recover (February through April). … Read More

2020 Phuket Economy at a tipping point?

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Our studies have recently found quantitative signals which raised questions about the sustainability of growth in one of the most promising economies in Thailand, Phuket. Throughout the last decade, Phuket economy has grown at the … Read More

After FEB. COVID-19 Phuket Economic Impact (FEB. 2020)

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In our initial research we estimated that Phuket would lose around B32bn in lost tourism revenues from the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the spread of the disease has become much worse, affecting many other parts of … Read More

Phuket to lockdown the Island to Contain the Spread of Coronavirus!

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Why we must maintain extreme social distancing?Download PDFWhy we must maintain extreme social distancing?Download PDF

The influence of social media on tourist’ decisions to purchase sightseeing and tour: the Heckman sample selection approach

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BY   Surarak Wichupankul, Chayanon Phucharoen and Nichapat SangkaewAbstractThis paper aimed to investigate whether the usage of social media by tourists could statistically influence their decision to purchase sightseeing and tour in Thailand’s major coastal tourist … Read More

Social media sites and nightlife tourism: an empirical study of tourist decision making on nightlife entertainment consumption

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BY  Chayanon Phucharoen, Surarak Wichupankul and Nichapat SangkaewAbstractThis paper examines the effect of social media usage on tourist decision to consume and their spending amount on nightlife entertainment. Through the application of Heckman correction model … Read More

Tourists’ Influential factors on temple visits in Phuket: An Analysing of TripAdvisor

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BY  Kris Sincharoenkul and Nichapat SangkaewAbstractSince Phuket has many types of tourist destinations and the inclining of cultural tourism trend, temples are also considered to be renowned tourist attractions. There are a number of researches … Read More

Comparing shopping experiences in department stores and street markets: A Big Data analysis of TripAdvisor reviews

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BY  Chayanon Phucharoen, Tatiyaporn Jarumaneerat and Nichapat SangkaewAbstractAs part of the nation’s promising sector, the retail industry almost plays a vital role as the hotel industry in Thai tourism sector as 24% of tourist daily … Read More

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